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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Best Demo Award at LCN 2016

At the 41stIEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN 2016) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the probr team had been awarded the Best Demo Award for the demonstration entitled "Probr Demonstration - Visualizing Passive WiFi Data", prepared by a CSG's master project team. This award is based on audience voting, not performed by a jury, and has seen in a very close runner-up with three almost equally counted for votes for a total of 14 demonstrations a final win.

To study and analyze the vast amount of data generated by WiFi-enabled devices and typically broadcast, the generic passive WiFi tracking system Probr was developed. Probr manages various types of WiFi capturing devices, collects captured WiFi traces, processes collected WiFi traces, and visualizes WiFi activities via its Web interface. Probr supports several on-line analysis use cases and is
extensible with respect to custom storage solutions to fit further use cases. Thus, Probr is the first system of that kind known, enabling full device administration and provided completely as Open Source.


The probr team (from right to left): Sebastian Stephan, Joel Scheuner, Dominik Schöni, Genc Mazlami, Burkhard Stiller at the LCN 2016, and not on the picture Alessandro De Carli and Thomas Bocek.

Thomas Bocek