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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group


Location CSG@IFI - University of Zürich

Location: University of Zürich (UZH)
Department of Informatics (IFI)
Communication Systems Group (CSG)
Address: Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zürich
Head of Group: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller
Phone: +41 44 635 [6710|4569]
stiller mail
Directions: (or as outlined below)
Local Transport:

The address given above is located in the city of Zürich, especially the Oerlikon area.

Travel by Tram from the Airport

As of December 2008, there is a fast direct connection by Tram No. 10 every 7-8 minutes during peak times (7-19 hours) and every 15 minutes otherwise (6 hours and 20-23 hours) from Zurich Airport to Zurich Leutschenbach, which is located just about 100 m away from the above address. Thus, a highly comfortable short access from the airport in 12 minutes is guaranteed!
The on-line time table can be accessed and any connection you require from Zurich Airport by tramway to Zurich Leutschenbach shall state in the form a "From Station/Stop: Zurich Airport" and a "To Station/Stop: Zurich Leutschenbach".

Travel by Train from the Airport

Zürich-Oerlikon is the closest train station from the above address and can be reached by S-Bahn, Intercity Train, or Regional Train in approximately 7-9 minutes from Zurich main station or 5-7 minutes from Zurich Airport.
Any connection you require by train to Zurich Oerlikon shall state a "To Station/Stop: Zurich Oerlikon" in the on-line time table form.
Once you reach the Zürich Oerlikon train station, proceed on foot for 5-8 minutes as follows: Follow the rear exit of the station (toward track 8) to tram no. 10/14 (sign only with a white 10 on pinkish and a white 14 number on light blue background) - which is the "backdoor" exit.
Upon exiting the station in the direction "Oelikon Ost" make your way to the right, slightly downhill for some 50 m and upon seeing the tram stop to your left, cross to the opposite side of the road, where a large concrete wall stabilizes the train tracks, about 100 m away, half right. Take the exact next road after that wall to your right, underpass the train tracks in a pedestrian tunnel, follow for anther 150 m this road and cross at the pedestrian crossing, just before you reach a bp gas station (green, yellow, and white colors), now hidden in an open space car repair shop (Emil Fey AG, in blue).

Just opposite of this location a large dark blue sign indicates "Universität Zürich Nord" - Binzmühlestrasse 14, the CSG@IFI’s location. Welcome!

Inside Navigation at Binzmühlestrasse Building

Upon entering the building at Binzmühlestrasse 14, turn directly right in the large hall to access the elevators. Upon leaving any one of these two at floor 2, make a right with 2-3 steps, cross the automatic glass door, and turn left - you are just in front of the CSG offices, ranging from 2.E.01 to your far left to 2.E.05 to your right.

Tickets for Public Transport

Travel from Zürich Airport to downtown Zürich, Zürich Oerlikon, or any other hotel named below can be done with a single ticket of zones 110 and 121, which can be bought at Zürich Airport at vending machines by typing "8000" into the keypad. This ticket costs 6.60 CHF (Swiss Francs). Note that some vending machines at the Airport will take 20,- CHF bills others will take some credit and debit cards. If you would like to return to the Airport within 24 hours of buying the ticket, a 24 hours ticket is the optimal solution: Just type "8000" into the keypad as well as tick the button below the LCD price display showing two arrows in the opposite direction (costs: 13.20 CHF).

In case you intend to travel by public transport between those hotels listed below as well as the meeting location of UZH at Binzmühlestrasse only (no Airport access), prefer to buy a 24 hour ticket for zone 110, which gives you unlimited travel in the whole area of Zürich. Just type into the keypad at all Zürich-based vending machines (not Zürich Airport) "8000" and tick the button below the LCD price display showing two arrows in the opposite direction. This ticket is 8.60 CHF and will be sold at ticket vending machines for cash (coins) or credit cards.

You do not have to validate this ticket any more, since it will be valid from the time of purchase until the time printed on the ticket at the top. A more detailed description of the vending machine, its use, a picture, and ticket prices can be found at the following URL: ZVV Tickets.


There is a number of hotels in the area of our location, however, note that we are located in a vibrant area of businesses. Thus, a 10 min walking distance is the minimum you should spent on reaching the area of Zürich Oerlikon, where hotels are located. Another convenient hotel is located at the University main campus, called Irchel, and finally multiple other ones are available in the Zürich downtown area. For your information some rates per night for a single room are indicated below, they are not guaranteed and show a range depending on the time of year you will be staying.

Please check for your preferences in the list below or contact Zurich Tourism:

Zürich Oerlikon: Walking distance to our location is app. 10-15 min or a tram ride with tram no. 11 (direction "Auzelg") from tram stop "Bahnhof Oerlikon" or "Sternen Oerlikon" of 5 and 3 min, respectively to tram stop "Leutschenbach".

Zürich Downtown: Tram distance (no. 7 or 15) to our location app. 20 min (you need to change at Schaffhauserplatz into tram no. 14) plus a 6 min walk or tram no. 10 from tram stop "Haldenegg" to "Leutschenbach" in 21 min, walking distance into downtown Zürich area app. 10-15 min

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