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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Paper Acceptance at WF-IoT 2016

The paper "Pull Support for IoT Applications Using Mobile Access Framework WebMaDa" was accepted at the 3rd IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things  (WF-IoT). It will be presented in December 2016.



While the application range of Internet-of-Things (IoT) is manifold, all applications have monitoring purposes in common, but they usually lack (a) data collection options independent of pre-defined timing intervals and (b) a mobile access. Both options are requested by user that what to be informed about events (e.g., accidents, noise) even when not at home offering quick reactions (e.g., calling the ambulance, police, fire department) in case of emergency. Therefore, this paper introduces WebMaDa – a mobile access framework with a fine-grained privilege management solution. It allows authorized users to monitor collected data and to request data immediately and location-independent. if the user’s access for pulling data is granted, the request is forward to the collection point (node) in the network, which answers with a full data set including all data available. Since some of this data might not be relevant to the requestor, it is filtered to match the user’s request and to respect his privileges. To reduce the workload of the network, consisting of constrained devices, the filtering process is delegated to the server side of the application. The prototype of WebMaDa with pull support was implemented in a modular manner in order to adapt it to user-specific requests.