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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group


The CSG was very successful during this year's IFIP/IEEE IM 2019 (International Symposium on Integrated Network Management). The full papers on "Enabling Dynamic SLA Compensation Using Blockchain-based Smart Contracts" by E. Scheid, B, Rodrigues, L. Zambenedetti Granville, and B. Stiller and on "A Reputation and Reward Scheme for a Cooperative Network Defense" by A. Gruhler, B. Rodrigues, and B. Stiller have been complemented by the short paper (Poster) on "Toward a Policy-Based Blockchain Agnostic Framework" by E. Scheid, B. Rodrigues, and B. Stiller and the Experience Session paper on "Evaluating a Blockchain-based Cooperative Defense" by B. Rodrigues, L. Eisenring, E. Scheid, Th. Bocek, and B. Stiller.

Additionally, the Wednesday keynote #3 on "Blockchain Fundamentals - An Assessment of Their Broad Feasibility" was given by B. Stiller. And while the team of B. Rodrigues, E. Scheid, and B. Stiller presented the tutorial TS5 on Friday "Information Management in the Blockchain Era – Challenges and Opportunities", B. Stiller's statement on the Distinguished Expert Panel (DEP) just before Thursday's closing of IM 2019 addressed the "Intelligent Management for the Future Wave of Enterprises" topic.

Finally, B. Rodrigues as well as E. Scheid received during the closing session of IFIP/IEEE IM 2019 one IEEE Student Travel Grant each besides seven other students. Congratulations!