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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Hack The Valley

Hacking the food supply chain

A CSG/UZH,, and team participated in the blockchain/IoT hackathon at Thomson Reuters in Baar.

For the pitch, the team showed how the a step counter on the cow Elsa recorded its movement. This data was used for a happiness meter (the more the cow moved, the happier it was), and to distinguish if a cow is in the barn or outside. If the cow is more outside, the farmer gets more subsidies from the government. All data is aggregated and periodically stored in a smart contract. Thus, an end consumer can check if the cow was happy, as well as the government can automatically send Ether directly to the farmer.

The team (left to right): Markus Hurschler (, Thomas Bocek (CSG/UZH/, Moritz Schneider (CSG/UZH), Sebastian Stephan (CSG/UZH), Sacha Uhlmann (