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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Paper Accepted at Wireless Days 2017

The paper "Evaluation of Inter-vehicle Connectivity in Three-dimensional Cases" was accepted as short paper at the conference Wireless Days 2017 in Porto, Portugal.



Packet forwarding decisions in communications among vehicles are important due to their high mobility. Further, road topologies are expected to contribute to more occurrences of transmission out-of-range, which lead to frequent disconnections. The current existing method to overcome such complex road environments (i.e., a three-dimentional scenario) is through the introduction of relative angles as a weighting value applied in the forwarding scheme in Vehicular-to-Vehicular Urban Network (V2VUNet). This scheme avoids unnecessary participant vehicles and selects the proper vehicle as a relay. In order to show the performance of V2VUNet, this paper, analyzes and evaluates various communication models in several three-dimensional cases.