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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

CSG at WONS 2022

CSG Presentation at WONS 2022

The Communication Systems Group CSG of the University of Zurich UZH presented at the 17th Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services Conference (WONS 2022), the article entitled "PMD-Track: Portable Medical Devices’ Real-time Inventory and Tracking". PMD-Track describes a real-time inventory management and tracking solution to assist healthcare institutions during periods of crisis and a high volume of patients, as evidenced by the recent pandemic. PMD-Track improves the agile finding of resources such as electrocardiograms and ventilators proposing a gatewayless tracking solution relying on BLE tags and smartphones held by the medical staff.

The WONS 2022 conference was held in the online format and the PMD-Track solution was presented by Julius Willems at WONS 2022 in March 31, describing details of the solution.