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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

IFIP Networking 2019 and IFIP TC6 Meeting in Warsaw (May 20-23, 2019)

During IFIP Networking 2019, May 20-22, 2019, Warsaw, Poland, the full paper on "Blockchain-based Reverse Auction for Infrastructure Supply in Virtual Network Functions-as-a-Service" by Muriel Franco, Eder Scheid, Lisandro Granville, and Burkhard Stiller was presented by Muriel during the "SDN and NFV" session. While Networking 2019 was a bit smaller than usual, the attendees appreciated the high level of interactions with smaller groups of people.

AS well, this event did memorize James P.G. Sterbenz (who had passed away unexpectedly in late February 2019) within the program booklet as a very much remembered researcher and colleague. Please take note of the short technical obituary provided by David Hutchison, Jacek Rak, and Burkhard Stiller.

With pride Muriel Franco received an IFIP TC6 Student Travel Grant out of four ones offered to the IFIP Networking 2019 attendees.

Time-wise attached to IFIP Networking 2019, the IFIP TC6 Meeting - starting May 22 in the afternoon and ending on May 23, 2019 - took place as the 90th edition. It had been chaired by the current TC6 chair Burkhard Stiller and indicated that many interests across Europe exist in the domain of "Communication Systems" and they need coordination across borders. In case of such technical or organizational interest or to participate in any of TC6 Working Groups (WG) please get into touch with the respective WG chairs or the TC6 chair.


The CSG paper's cover slide was just prepared, before Muriel Franco did start the presentation.