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ITU-T Recommendation Y.3013 Approved and Released to Public

Recommendation Y.3013 (formerly Y.FNsocioeconomic) is finally approved and available to the public. Y.3013 is entitled “Socio-economic Assessment of Future Networks by Tussle Analysis” and was developed within ITU-T’s Q16/13. It was consented by ITU-T Study Group 13 during its Meeting in July 2014, where also last changes were applied to the document. The document’s development was initiated within ITU-T’s Q21/13 in 2011 by the SESERV project to raise the awareness for socio-economic factors in the Future Internet landscape and to standardize tussle analysis as a tool to deal with these factors.

The gap of suitable tools to address socio-economic aspects during the development and standardization of technology was recognized by ITU-T and is finally closed by Y.3013. During ITU's RevComm Meeting in January 2014, UZH proposed to integrate tussle analysis, which is the method outlined in Y.3013 to safeguard technology against unpredictable socio-economic influences, into ITU-T’s standardization process. The proposal was delayed, because Y.3013 was still under development. However, with the final approval of Y.3013, UZH's efforts within RevCom can be resumed.

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