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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

CSG at IEEE LCN 2022 - The 47th Conference Instance

The CSG presented a full and a short paper each at the IEEE LCN 2022 in Edmonton, Canada, during its 47th instance run, here in a hybrid mode after two years of fully virtual operations.

The full paper on "VeNiCE: Enabling Automatic VNF Management based on Smart Contract Events" by Eder J. Scheid, Muriel F. Franco, Fabian Küffer, Niels Kübler, Pascal Kiechl, and Burkhard Stiller was presented on-site by Eder and summarizes VeNiCE, an approach to automate the deployment and life-cycle management of VNFs using events emitted on Smart Contracts. Therefore, VeNiCE provides automation and auditability by relying on a blockchain to provide a decentralized approach for VNF management.

The short paper on "ICN With DHT Support in Mobile Networks" by Eryk Schiller, Timo Surbeck, Mikael Gasparyan, Burkhard Stiller, and Torsten Braun was presented on-site by Burkhard and proposes an approach to improve content delivery on the Internet by deploying in-network caching techniques. This joint work between the CSG and the University of Bern, especially the Communication and Distributed Systems Group CDS, develops an implementation of a layered network architecture consisting of several Named Data Networking (NDN)-based mobile networks, interconnected using a Distributed Hash Table (DHT)-based network running as an overlay on top of existing Internet infrastructures.

Eder Scheid presenting VeNiCE Burkhard Stiller Presenting

Eder and Burkhard During Their Presentations Tuesday and Thursday, Respectively (Pictures by IEEE LCN)

During the LCN banquet on Tuesday evening, Burkhard received at his large surprise the "LCN Lifetime Achievement Award". Tim Strayer, LCN Steering Committee Member from Raytheon BBN Technologies, U.S.A., handed over this award to Burkhard as well as to Matthias Frank, University of Bonn, Germany, since the two had worked with and for LCN about half of their personal lives! Burkhard did run two General Chair LCNs in 2004 and 2005, was once a TPC Co-chair 2002 and TPC Chair 2003, each, and is part of the LCN Steering Committee (formally called Standing Committee) since 2006.

Burkhard and Tim Burkhard, Mathias, and Tim

Tim Handshaking Burkhard and the Two 2022 LCN Lifetime Achievement Awardees, Including Matthias (Pictures by IEEE LCN)