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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

CSG at E-VOTE ID 2019 in Bregenz, Austria

The full paper presentation on "The Swiss Postal Voting Process and its System and Security Analysis" by Christian Killer, Communication Systems Group CSG, Department of Informatics IfI, University of Zurich UZH did run at the E-VOTE ID 2019 Conference in the Session on the "Swiss Voting Experience". This work had been supported partly by UZH and partly by the Concordia EU Project.

This year's E-VOTE ID had around 100 attendees, combining companies and academics interested in eVoting topics from a technical and organizational perspective. The interest in the Swiss Postal Voting Security was considerably large, since no prior work described so far potential threat events on a postal voting schemes, here the Swiss one. Specifically, the discussion of an IT-based security and risk analysis applied revealed many interesting facts of a highly distributed, human-centric, but partially technology-supported, and plausibility check-driven voting.

Thus, the discussions on eVoting in general revealed clearly that different countries act very differently with respect to highly diverging security, privacy, and organizational requirements. Particularly the Swiss postal voting case served as reliable, though, people-driven, distributed trust model, which has many municipality and cantonal differences to handle. Therefore, many personal interactions with Swiss representatives of the Swiss Bundeskanzlei, the Swiss Post, BFH, Geneva chVote, the Swiss Army, and selected companies discussed various facets of "The Swiss Postal Voting Process and its System and Security Analysis".

Christian During his Talk at E-VOTE-ID 2019
Christian During his Talk at E-VOTE-ID 2019

Christian Killer