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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Services and Infrastructures

CSG provides a number of services to its staff members and their students as well as IFI members. These services include primarily testbed infrastructures in support of research and other activities:

  • A VoIP testbed is being developed within the EMANICS project. It will be applied in the productive phone communications environment of the IFI shortly.
  • CSG is leading and managing the research network EmanicsLab.
  • A highly flexible testbed infrastructure is available for dedicated research projects or student theses.
  • CSG is a member of PlanetLab, a global research network that supports the development of new network services.
  • CSG hosts subversion repositories that can be used for research projects or student theses.
  • CSG provides native IPv6 connectivity to all IFI members.
  • CSG is hosting mirrors of open source software: Debian and Ubuntu mirrors. The CSG mirror server website has more information about what is served and the status of it.

Other services, provided by the IFI, UZH, or SWITCH:

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