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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Paper Acceptance at WiMob 2016

The paper "Third-party-independent Data Visualization of Sensor Data in CoMaDa" was accepted at the 12th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob). It will be presented in October 2016.



Today, users demand comfortable frameworks and development environments independent of applications. CoMaDa 1.0 – a framework for Configuration, Management, and Data handling of sensor data – is such a framework for dealing in an operational manner with sensor data. It includes a widget to Xively, a third party service provider, to visualize sen- sor data collected in graphs. This results in a dependency on the framework, which nowadays is not acceptable by users due to the need for trustworthiness and reliability. The uploaded data must follow format specifications by Xively and API updates in the upload procedure are periodically required due to changes by Xively. In case changes are done the complete widget in CoMaDa 1.0 must be updated resulting in closed down service for the users that is unacceptable. Additionally, users require trustworthy services and this is not the case if a third-party is involved, because the user lost control of the data. Thus, the visualization service in CoMaDa 1.0 was updated by including Google Charts in CoMaDa 1.1 to provide the same services as Xively, specifically visualizing single sensor types (e.g., tempera- ture, humidity), without third-party involvement. Additionally, extended services were included like layered visualization of the same sensor types to improve the comparability of col- lected data (e.g., temperature measured by different sensors). CoMaDa 1.1 offers herewith data visualization independent of third-parties and was designed in a flexible manner allowing for the integration of new features like filtering options.


Corinna Schmitt