Questionnaire tool (discontinued)

Acceess to the tool

A paperless, online questionnaire tool has been developed and is hosted by the CSG@IFI. Free access is granted per request to any UZH student, or employee for academic purposes usage. Please send your request to use the tool by email to any CSG member explaining shortly the purpose of usage and the expected number of replies to be collected.

The CSG questionnaire tool is ideal for fast paperless and secure creation of questionnaires. Furthermore, the tool is very flexible to use on tablets and smartphones which makes it ideal for surveys on the street! With the CGS questionnaire tool it is easy to export and process your results in various formats. In the CSQ questionnaire tool only https connections are used compared to http that other free online solutions offer. Last but not least, you don't need to worry about your data leaving the UZH premises!

The only requirement to be able to answer the survey on a smartphone or a tablet is to have internet access. Click below to enlarge the picture that show you how to use the CSG questionnaire tool. The CSG members will be glad to provide further help if you need it.

Create a new questionnaire easily

Insert the starting information in one step and make the questionnaire active

After creating the questionnaire start adding questions

You can also add more administrators for your questionnaire

Choose the type of question that you want

Mark the question as mandatory if needed

Overview your questionnaire, rearrange your questions, and copy the URL to share

Export rsults in various formats