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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Application of Blockchain Technology in the Swiss Cheese Supply Chain (CheeseChain)

The CheeseChain project targets the development and implementation of a platform to improve transparency and trust along the Tête-de-Moine value chain. This major advance for proof of origin, immutability, and transparency is achieved by combining biological data with storage in a Blockchain, combined with partner-specific databases.

General Information

Reference 50994.1 IP-LS
Source of funding: Innosuisse
Project Duration:

01.06.2021 (38 months)

Project Overview

CheeseChain will develop and implement a DNA-based intrinsic product authentication system in combination with automated fraud detection to improve transparency and trust within the Tête-de-Moine PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) value chain.

For the first time, this combination is integrated with a blockchain-based approach, which serves as a tamper-proof and immutable audit trail. Increased transparency and verifiability of the data published serve as a guarantee toward the authenticity of the food product, here cheese. A pioneer in the field of fraud prevention, the Interprofession Tête-de-Moine has been using a proof-of-origin culture developed by Agroscope since 2013. Unlike competing solutions, the in-product certification via DNA allows for the correct identification, even in processed products, such as cheese slices.

The storage of material flows, laboratory data, and analytics in an ecosystem based on an underlying Blockchain will allow for the implementation of an automated detection system of fraudulent concerns,
allowing for an efficient sampling by the trademark owner and a simplified access for authorities, distributors, and even potentially the final customer and consumer.

Fromarte, the umbrella association of artisan cheese makers, foresees this project as a future-oriented solution for their quality management and the enhancement of the cheeses produced within Swiss artisanal structures.


The following thesis were supervised by the CSG:

Their source code is available in the official CheeseChain repository:


Inquiries may be directed to the local Swiss project management:


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