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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group


The full seminar report is published in PDF format as IFI Technical Report IFI-05.2019 (PDF, 22 MB) upon seminar finalization. Presentations slides are published a per-topic basis as listed in the following table in June 2019.



Talk Title Student / Speaker Supervisor
01 (PDF, 1 MB) An Overview of Swiss Cyber Infrastructures from a Security Perspective Matej Jakovljevic, Marc Zwimpfer, Louis Bienz, Getoar Gallopeni Bruno Rodrigues
02 (PDF, 1 MB) Approaches and Challenges in Blockchain Scalability Catharina Dekker, Nathalie Torrent, Luka Popovic, Mesut Ceylan Christian Killer
03 (PDF, 5 MB) An Analytical Study of ERP Systems in the Supply Chain Industry Ramon Huber, Huelya Huesler, Moritz Wittwer Sina Rafati
04 (PDF, 1 MB) On the Legal Validity of Blockchain-based Smart Contracts Fabian Kueffer, Kilian Werder, Pascal Kiechl, Lukas Mueller Eder Scheid
05 (PDF, 1007 KB) Cooperation in Competitive Environments Dominik Bünzli, Han-Mi Nguyen Bruno Rodrigues
06 (PDF, 3 MB) Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in Smart Cities Lawand Muhamad, Can Inan, Atif Ghulam Muriel Franco
07 (PDF, 1 MB) Investigating the Blockchain Technology in the Context of Cybersecurity Roland Schläfli, Pascal Zehnder, Lenz Baumann, Silas Weber Eder Scheid
08 The Hyperledger Fabric Claude Müller, Karim Abou, Danijel Dordevic, Lucas Thorbecke Sina Rafati
09 (PDF, 3 MB) An Overview of Information Visualization for Data Exploring in Blockchain Universe Tim Grimm, Basil Fuchs, Severin Wullschleger, Jeremy Kubrak

Muriel Franco

10 (PDF, 7 MB) Evaluation and Comparison of Blockchain Consensus Algorithms

Joel Barmettler, Özgür Acar Güler, Marc Laville, Spasen Trendafilov

Christian Killer


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