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Exercises Link
  The meetings and material are password protected. See email for the password or contact the assistants.

This page will be updated until the start of term and regularly during the semester.

The BCOLN lecture includes two parts of exercises, a theoretical part and a practical part (challenge task).

Theoretical Exercises

The three theoretical exercises will be downloadable from this page from their respective hand-out date, as shown below.

Students must send their solutions to

"p2p at"

scheid @

killer @

up until the deadline. The solutions will be discussed on the

respective assigned date.

Handing in all exercises is mandatory and will be very useful for preparing the final exam. We encourage students to solve the exercises on their own and actively participate in the exercise discussions.

Exercise Hand-Out Deadline Exercise Discussion
Exercise 0 - Organization - -  
Exercise 1 (PDF, 206 KB) 04.03.2021 10.03.2021  
Exercise 2 (PDF, 141 KB) (v2) 14.03.2021 21.03.2021  
Exercise 3 (PDF, 143 KB) 18.03.2021 24.03.2021  
Exercise 4 (PDF, 250 KB) 25.03.2021 optional  

The files provided on this webpage can only be downloaded from within the UZH network. Please use a VPN client from outside.

Information for VPN setup

* Password provided in the email.

Practical Exercise: Challenge Task

The challenge task will be released during the lecture. The task is performed in groups and is also mandatory.

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