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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services (Daidalos II)

Daidalos will design, develop and validate a blueprint B3G Framework. It supports secure, personalized and pervasive services built on heterogeneous network and service infrastructures for the mobile user and will contribute to standards and industry fora.

General Information

Reference: Third Party Expert in EU Project
Source of funding: Third Party Expert via University of Stuttgart
Project Duration (Phase II): January 2006 — December 2008
Official Project Home Page:


Project Overview

Daidalos II is the second phase of the Integrated Project Daidalos. The project addresses the fact that mobility has become a central aspect of our lives in business, education, and leisure. It deals with rapid technological and societal changes with proliferating technologies and services that have resulted in complex and confusing communications environments for users and network operators. By rethinking fundamental technology and business issues, Daidalos targets usable and manageable communication infrastructures for the future. The goal is a seamless, pervasive access to content and services via heterogeneous networks that supports user preferences and context. The project will use a user-centred, scenario-based and operator-driven approach to effectively cover user and business needs.


  • Peter Reichl, Pascal Kurtansky, Joachim Fabini, Burkhard Stiller: A Stimulus-Response Mechanism for Charging Enhanced Quality-of-User Experience in Next Generation All-IP Networks. 13th Latin Iberoamerican Operations Research Conference (CLAIO 2006), Montevideo, Uruguay, November 2006. [RKFS06a] Conference Paper
  • P. Kurtansky, P. Reichl, J. Fabini, T. Lovric, B. Stiller: Efficient Prepaid Charging for the 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). SDPS, Vol. 1, pages 462-472, San Diego, USA, June 2006. Conference Paper
  • Pascal Kurtansky, Burkhard Stiller: State of the Art Prepaid Charging for IP Services. LNCS, Springer, Vol. 3970, pages 143-154, January 2006. Conference Paper

UZH Personnel


Inquiries may be directed to the local Swiss project management:

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller
University of Zürich, IFI
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zürich
Phone: +41 44 635 67 10
Fax: +41 44 635 68 09

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