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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group


General Information


Armasuisse S+T (CYD-C-2020003)

Source of funding:


Project Duration:

1.10.2020 - 1.12.2020

Project Overview


The objective of the CyberSenseIT project is to investigate and design an innovative framework enabling reliable IoT scenarios (such as crowdsensing, smart buildings, or smart homes) and the automated detection of cyberattacks, especially entailing sensors misbehaviors that may affect the trust level of individual nodes taking part in the scenario. Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques will be used by the CyberSenseIT framework to detect attacks, since it has been outlined in the literature that ML/DL (Machine Learning/Deep Learning) approaches are most promising to mitigate limitations of traditional solutions regarding unseen and new families of cyberattacks.


The framework overall performance will be carefully considered by initially analyzing dimensions and features able to model the normal behavior of the IoT device as well as the behavior of several cyberattacks affecting resource-constrained devices belonging to crowdsensing platforms. Finally, different Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be defined to measure and report after the project ends on performance under different potential misconfigurations and cyberattack scenarios.



Inquiries may be directed to the local Swiss project management:

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller,

Dr. Alberto Huertas Celdrán 

University of Zürich, IFI
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 635 75 85

Fax: +41 44 635 68 09