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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Researchers' Night (2008)

The CSG participated in the Researchers' Night 2008 on Friday, September 26, 2008. Our project this year was called LiveShift - P2P streaming with distributed storage for timeshift. The peer-to-peer streaming application developed at the CSG has the ability to stream video efficiently from one or more sources to many receivers. Each receiver can forward part of the video to other receivers, reducing the bottleneck on the source and improving scalability. Any peer may act as a source and a receiver. Since peers may leave the network at any time, special mechanisms must be in place to minimize impact of broken connections on the network. The Timeshift function allows users to watch a delayed version of the live stream, or a program that was broadcast in the past. For improved scalability, peers collaborate, forming a distributed storage for past video data.

Our system was demonstrated to the public by transmitting video streams - possibly one or more live cameras - to a set of notebook computers. We can show either the live stream or a timeshifted version. Real-time information on how the application works is also shown.

About 150 research groups from industry and academia have presented their work to the population. The event received more than 15000 visitors.

Read more in the Unipublic article.

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