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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

FI-ETM 2009 Call for Presentations


4th GI/ITG KuVS Workshop on The Future Internet and

2nd Workshop on Economic Traffic Management (ETM)

The set of topics of these two combined workshops are focused but not limited to :

    • Cloud and grid computing infrastructures
    • SLA and service management
    • Energy efficiency and green ICT
    • Service-oriented networks and infrastructures
    • Content-based routing
    • Routing mediation (pub/sub)
    • Economic traffic management mechanisms
    • Separating of identity and address (locator/ID split)
    • Infrastructure/ Platform as a Service
    • Cross-layer design, cross-layer optimization
    • Predictable QoS and Quality-of-Experience
    • Next generation transport, e.g., carrier grade Ethernet
    • Network management and control plane
    • Sensors networks and applications
    • Distributed control and management approaches
    • Network virtualization and segmentation
    • Future network and services business models
    • Regulatory effects on networks and infrastructure
    • Future mobile network
    • Clean-slate architectures

These two workshops will take place at the University of Zurich (UZH),

CSG@IFI, in Zurich, Switzerland. They are organized jointly by the Communication Systems Group CSG of UZH and SAP Research, Zurich, Switzerland.


  • Torsten Braun, Universität Bern, Switzerland
  • Jörg Eberspächer, TU München, Germany
  • Georg Carle, TU München, Germany
  • Olivier Festor, INRIA, France
  • Markus Fidler, Uni Hannover, Germany
  • Ben Greene, SAP Research, Ireland
  • Stephan Haller, SAP Research, Switzerland
  • David Hausheer, University of Zürich, Switzerland
  • Holger Karl, Uni Paderborn, Germany
  • Wolfgang Kellerer, DOCOMO Euro-Labs, Germany
  • Burkhard Neidecker-Lutz, SAP Research, Germany
  • Edmundo Monteiro, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Paul Müller, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Aiko Pras, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • Jürgen Quittek, NEC Heidelberg, Germany
  • Peter Racz, University of Zürich, Switzerland
  • Helmut Reiser, Leibniz Rechenzentrum München/Garching, Germany
  • Maria Angeles Callejo Rodriguez, Telefonica, Spain
  • Spiros Spirou, Intracom Telecom, Greece
  • George Stamoulis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
  • Ralf Steinmetz, TU Darmstadt, Germany
  • Heiner Stüttgen, NEC Heidelberg, Germany
  • Phuoc Tran-Gia, Universität Würzburg, Germany
  • Jörg Widmer, DOCOMO Euro-Labs, Germany
  • Lars Wolf, TU Braunschweig, Germany
  • Martina Zitterbart, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany


  • Submission: October 1, 2009
  • Notification: October 19, 2009
  • Final Abstract Submission and
    Registration: October 26, 2009
  • Workshop: November 9-10, 2009

Presentations are planned to include a 20 min talk maximum and a 10 min discussion. For a submission send an extended abstract about your work of 2 pages maximum (complying to the IEEE standard two-column format) to the following e-mail address:

Note: Presentations can be based on already published material, however, new material is highly encouraged. Furthermore, the final abstract submission is planned for including all abstracts into a hand-out available at the time of these workshops.


CSG@IFI, University of Zurich

Binzmühlestrasse 14

CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland


Burkhard Stiller,

Thomas M. Bohnert,

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