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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

AMAAIS Code Walkthrough Workshop (2012)

Dear participants,

we are happy to welcome you on Wednesday 4th of July 2012, 15:00-17:00 CEST to the AMAAIS Code Walkthrough Workshop, both on site at the Department of Informatics and via remote conferencing. For those of you joining us in Zurich, the meeting will take place in room BIN 1.D.07. Once you arrive at Binzmühlestrasse 14 and enter the building by the front door, turn right and take the elevator to floor 1. When leaving the elevator, turn left and walk to the end of the hallway, room 1.D.07 being located at your right there. For more information please contact Dr. Martin Waldburger

For those who will attend the workshop remotely, please log in via the Adobe Connect remote conferencing system. You will need a browser on your machine that is able to run Flash and for which you can download and install the Adobe Connect plug-in. To access the meeting, click on - you won't need any password, just log in as a guest. To enhance your and our experience, please make sure to use a decent microphone and headphones. Thanks!


  • Welcome Message (5min) [MW]
  • Current Status (5min) [MW]
  • AMAAIS Components and Applications (5min) [GM]
  • Implementation Framework (15min) [GM]
  • System Architecture (15min) [GM]
  • Accounting Client
  • Accounting Server
  • Code Walk-Through (30min) [GM, CT]
  • Understanding the Code
  • Demo
  • Next Steps (5min) [GM]

Looking forward to meeting you all in the workshop!