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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

3665/3666 - Seminar: Internet Economics

Reader: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller
Assistants: Muriel FrancoChristian KillerDr. Bruno Rodrigues, Dr. Eder Scheid, Dr. Eryk SchillerDr. Alberto Huertas, Jan von der AssenKatharina O. E. MüllerChao Feng, Krzysztof Gogol
Credits: 2 SWS, BSc, MSc
Majors: WI, SoSy, MMCS
Seminar: Thursdays 12:15-13:45.
Introduction and hand-out of topics: 22.09.2022, 12:15-13:45.
Location: BIN-2.A.10 (Seminarraum)
AP (ECTS): 3 (including a mark)


The content of this seminar will address current topics and questions on Internet Economics - covering technical and economic aspects, always in an inherent manner. The dedicated topics will be announced during the kick-off meeting for all people interested. They will most likely include communications, blockchains, incentives, security, and decentralized systems aspects.


The knowledge of communications (Internet, telecommunications) is important and economic background would be very good, but not essential.

Course Material

Literature will be offered as a kick-start within the kick-off meeting, further literature study is a must! Depending on the number of interested students, the seminar will be run as one person/one report and presentation manner or with a two persons/one report and presentation manner.


This seminar addresses the integration of technical and economic aspects into homogeneous overall systems and its application in today's economy. This determines the key goal. In terms of a seminar and didactic school, the seminar report, presentation, and discussion determines the second goal. Thus, all these three areas will be guided by a local supervisor, which will result in a basic and small research work. The final marking of this seminar will embrace a pre-step on scientific work and research documentations. Content (technology and economics) and its homogeneous integration are of importance.


  • Talk and presentation of 45 min by utilizing slides.
  • Followed by a moderated discussion with theses and questions posed to the seminar audience.
  • Complemented by a written, complete report (publishable quality), including bibliographic references, by utilizing a mandatory LaTeX report template.
  • More details will be available on the seminar's Web page.

Timing and Report

Detailed information on the timing and organizing (including seminar organization information and important material, such as the template for the written seminar report) and on the seminar's report can be accessed within the respective Web pages.

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