Preparing LiveShift for Public Trial

State: completed by Roman Studer

LiveShift is a P2P video streaming application developed by the CSG group at the University of Zurich. The application, implemented in Java, supports both live streaming and video-on-demand in an integrated manner. While video is transmitted through the peer-to-peer network in a live fashion, all peers participate in distributed storage. This adds the ability to replay time-shifted streams from other peers in a distributed and scalable manner.

So far, LiveShift has been tested in controlled experiments. The objective of this assignment is preparing LiveShift to be downloaded and operated by end users at an external trial. This includes tweaking its user interface to be more user-friendly, preparing the application to optionally collect anonymous statistics to be used to evaluate the user experience, preparing install scripts, testing it under different operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, and Windows), and writing basic documentation.

20% Design, 40% Implementation, 30% Testing, 10% Documenting
Java programming knowledge

Supervisors: Dr. Thomas Bocek

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