Implementation of a Tag Recommendation Service for a Knowledge Sharing System

State: completed by Agron Limani

The SciMantic project aims at designing and developing a modular software infrastructure termed Semantic Content Infrastructure (SCI). SCI will leverage the Semantic Web technology by providing applications, which are built on top of it, the capability to efficiently relate and search for semantic contents distributed over the Internet and shared securely among independent instances of these applications. The key technologies behind this capability are an integration of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) mechanisms with the Semantic Web.
In SciMantic, a scenario is defined, in which knowledge is shared among community members who have the same interest. Community members can join (and leave) Knowledge Sharing Networks of various topics, e.g., Information Technology, Solar System, and Badminton. Each participant is expected to share his/her knowledge by entering it into the system's database using a sofware tool termed Knowledge Sharing System (KSS). The whole knowledge in the database is divided into (knowledge) units. To allow participants to search knowledge of a specific topic, units are tagged with keywords.
This Assignment aims at implementation of a service to extract or generate relevant keywords given the description of a resource stored in distributed graphs. Indeed, there exist already various algorithms for generating tag recommendations for contents on web pages. Furthermore, several websites allow users to create and manage tags to annotate Web pages, such as Delicious and Flickr. Their services also recommend tags to be used, particularly based on existing tags by other users (collective tagging or social tagging). Those existing algorithms are to be studied and their implementations be adapted for use within this Assignment and for application on information stored in a graph data model.

20% Design 80% Implementation

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

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