Design and Implementation of a Light Mobile Video Streaming Application for Google Android

State: completed by Lukas Keller

LiveShift is a P2P video streaming application developed by the CSG group at the University of Zurich. The application, implemented in Java, supports both live streaming and video-on-demand in an integrated manner. While video is transmitted through the peer-to-peer network in a live fashion, all peers participate in a distributed storage. This adds the ability to replay time-shifted streams from other peers in a distributed and scalable manner.

Mobile environments have special characteristics that makes video streaming very challenging. Among the main aspects are intermittent connectivity, constant disconnection, location-dependency, energy and resource sensitivity, and the diversity in wireless networks as well as carrier-grade performance requirements.

The objective of this thesis is to design and implement a lightweight application to allow reception and playing from video streams on a Google Android phone. The application must support basic playback functionality, that is, to select a channel and a date/time, receive the video stream, and play it on the phone screen. The lightweight application can connect to a LiveShift instance running on a desktop PC and use it to perform functions that would be beyond the phone capacity. The device does not need to provide upload bandwidth to the network.

Final Report

30% Design, 70% Implementation
Java programming knowledge, Android SDK knowledge

Supervisors: Dr. Thomas Bocek

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