Sea Cage Gateway - Financial Analysis of Mobile Grid Support in Norway’s Aquaculture

State: completed by Martina Vazquez

This work forms an integral part of the respective efforts on a fish farming scenario, called Sea Cage Gateway (SCG). Based on an in-depth investigation into Norway’s aquaculture industry, the key set of MDVO applicability requirements to aquaculture markets were determined. Those determined requirements were used to assess a number of developed scenarios. The scenario assessment lead to select two scenarios for further evaluation. These comprise a quality control (fish farming-centric) and an electronic procurement (aquaculture-oriented) scenario.

Both scenarios have proven to be conceptually well-suited as MDVO-driven product enablers and product supporters in Norway’s aquaculture industry. While they are fully modeled with the respective set of key actors and roles, first economic reasoning has taken place as well. This includes basic financial calculations (Net Present Value, Net Present Value Coefficient, and Payback Duration) and sensitivity analyses. First results indicate a high potential for sustainable value creation. Consequently, this thesis shall conduct a full-fledged fincancial analysis by adopting the basis outlined so far and by extending its quantitative assessment so that the economic potential for each actor is depicted in full detail.

Full topic description as PDF.

Final Report

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

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