Sea Cage Gateway - Optimal Mobile Grid Support in Aquaculture

State: completed by Markus Sonderegger

Within the scope of the EU project Akogrimo and the respective research collaboration between Telenor Research and Development and the University of Zurich's Communication Systems Group (CSG), these jointly supervised diploma theses aim at an optimal support of fish farming in Norway by means of mobile grid technology. The theses' main goal thus consists in developing a fish farming scenario, called Sea Cage Gateway (SCG), towards a mobile dynamic virtual organization (MDVO). Accordingly, the work covers the following key elements:

This work is split into two diploma theses: While the first (assigned to Michel Hagnauer) takes a closer look at the fish farms themselves, the second (assignd to Markus Sonderegger) assesses the potential of mobile grid technology and MDVOs over the whole value network. Both diploma theses require students who are willing to work mostly conceptually, thus showing excellent analytic skills and a strong background in the economic theories (e.g. with respect to organization), but who are also able to visualize complex coherences in a well-understandable manner. Since this work is jointly supervised by representatives of CSG and Telenor R&D, English as the natural language for communications as well as the written report is assumed.

The full topic description is available as PDF.

Final Report

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

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