Design and Prototypically Implementation of a P2P Storage for IP Netflow Records

State: completed by Nicolas Baumgardt

The main goal of this thesis is to design and prototypically implement a P2P-based storage system for IP Netflow records.

Netflow is used to collect data about the existing traffic flows within an IP network. A traffic flow is typically identified by the 5-touple (source IP, destination IP, protocol number, source port, destination port). A Netflow record may consist of different fields, but the most important for this thesis are: a flow identifier, packets transferred in the flow, bytes transferred in the flow.

With the increase of link speeds, storage of such flow records became a problem for traditional storing systems. Existing research showed that P2P can be employed to build scalable and robust storage systems. A P2P-based storage infrastructure for Netflow data shall not only provide enough storage for flow records, but shall be also optimized for aggregating and query-ing these data. (e.g. "how much traffic was generated from port 80?" or "how much traffic generated in network")

60% Design, 40% Implementation
Java or C++ programming, familiar to the format of an IP Packet

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

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