Design and Prototypical Implementation of a Non-Repudiation System for Mobile Grid Services

State: completed by Reto Zimmermann

A future platform for mobile grids will deliver its services using Internet technologies. These services require security support in many different aspects, including access control, secure communication, non-repudiation, and auditing. Cryptography provides support for secure communications, while AAA infrastructures provide access-control and service usage accounting. In order to provide auditing and non-repudiation for mobile grid services, AAA infrastructures have to be extended with new protocols that support these requirements. Auditing defines the independent examination of stored records, which include the documentation of service usage, for an after-use proof of consumed services and resources or customer charges applied. The goal of a non-repudiation service is to collect, maintain, make available, and validate irrefutable evidence regarding the transfer of messages between a sender and a receiver.

Final Report

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

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