Design and Implementation of an Interactive Front-End for Segment Routing (SR)

State: Open

The representation of network flows is the key for Traffic Engineering (TE) tasks of monitoring and routing planning, helping to identify, for instance, congested links and link failures. Further, managing those congested links and updating the network route via a graphical interface enables operators to have full control of the network. This management level can benefit from new technologies, such as Segment Routing (SR), which enable to deviate packets from congested links.

This thesis aims to implement a front-end for the visualization and management of flows for SR-enabled networks. The front-end should be capable of displaying network nodes and connections as well as representing all network flows in real-time, highlighting the ones that are congested or with high delays. In addition, the developed front-end must allow updating the path in order to deviate the traffic from congested links. Students can use well-known front-end libraries, such as D3.js, which allow representing networks in an interactive fashion.

Work distribution: 20% Design, 60% Implementation, 20% Documentation
Requirements: Front-end development skills, basic knowledge of computer networks

Supervisors: Rafael Hengen Ribeiro

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