Design and Implementation of a Decision Support System for Ransomware Protections

State: completed by Dario Akhavansafa

Ransomware remains one of the main threats facing companies and governments in the last few years. According to the predictions, ransomware will cause damage of US$ 20 billion by 2021 [1]. This malware is mainly used for extortion by encrypting sensible data and asking for a certain amount of money (which may vary from a few hundred to millions of dollars) for the decrypt key [2]. As of today, although there are different security mechanisms to protect against this kind of attack [3], the number of attacks still has a very high success rate.

The goal of this thesis is to (i) analyze different open-source ransomware projects (e.g., HiddenTear and RAASNet) to identify its common characteristics and behaviors, (ii) investigate and map technical details from the most common ransomware (e.g., WannaCry, Cryptolocker, and BadRabbit) [4], (iii) provide a clear view about all steps involved in a ransomware infection, and (iv) propose and discuss techniques to protect against this kind of threat.


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40% Design, 30% Implementation, 30% Documentation
Cybersecurity background, Programming skills in Python or PHP, Basic concepts of Ransomware

Supervisors: Muriel Figueredo Franco

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