Design and Implementation of a Mechanism for Congestion Avoidance in Military Tactical Networks

State: Open

Segment Routing (SR) allows to deviate packets from the initially planned routing. Its use can complement a traditional routing algorithm and be deployed in an existing setting that uses commodity hardware.

This thesis aims to implement an SR-based algorithm for congestion avoidance in IPv6-enabled Software-Defined Networks (SDN). The algorithm should complement the base routing (OSPFv3 is highly recommended) and take link utilization into account to avoid congested paths. The SR algorithm will be implemented in Mininet using the Ryu controller. As a complement, the extension IPMininet must be used to add support for IPv6 addresses in Mininet.

Work distribution: 20% Design, 60% Implementation, 20% Documentation
Requirements: Strong Python and Linux skills, Basic knowledge of Computer networks and routing

Supervisors: Rafael Hengen Ribeiro

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