Indoor Tracking based on RFID Tags

State: completed by Yang Menz

Tracking individuals within an indoor area has numerous benefits that allow for everything from improving products' disposition to create highly accurate visitor flow analysis, safe occupancy counts, behavioral maps, and ensuring social distance. In this regard, there are several available methods to track individuals, ranging from surveillance cameras, WiFi tracking, and the use of RFID tags, on which the objective of this thesis is based the latter.

This thesis is within the context of a research project held with UZH and LiveAlytics in which the thesis goal is to use RFID tags to track individuals in an indoor environment, such as stores and events. In this way, the equipment and the testing environment are provided by LiveAlytics, in which it is necessary to capture the tracked data via API and extract a timestamped location from the individuals. That is, it is necessary to locate (X, Y coordinates) at the moment when an individual was detected (timestamp). These data are used as a basis to build a heatmap and statistics of occupancy of the internal environment.

Also, this thesis's scope can be adjusted for either a master's or master's project. The orientation is carried out in partnership with UZH (Bruno Rodrigues) and LiveAlytics (Simon Tuck).

30% Design, 50% Implementation, 20% Documentation
Networking and python programming skills

Supervisors: Dr. Bruno Rodrigues

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