Traffic Counting in Static and Mobile Wireless Community Networking

State: completed by Philip Giryes
Published: 2020-11-13

This thesis shall propose a protocol for Wireless Community Networks (WCN), in which a majority of nodes benefits from Internet access leveraging the links of nodes directly connected to the Internet. This protocol derived in this thesis shall allow an operator or a third party service provider to implement accounting and billing of services used. The solution shall operate on a per packet basis gathering information about nodes accessing the Internet and the intermediate nodes forwarding packets.

Schiller, E., Monakhov, A., and Kropf, P.: Shibbolethbased Authentication, Authorization, Accounting andAuditing in Wireless Mesh Networks. InLocal ComputerNetworks (LCN), 2011 IEEE 36th Conference on(Oct2011), pp. 918–926.
Salem, N. B., Butty ́an, L., Hubaux, J.-P., and Jakobsson, M.A.: Charging and rewarding scheme for packetforwarding in multi-hop cellular networks. InProceedings ofthe 4th ACM international symposium on Mobile ad hocnetworking & computing(New York, NY, USA, 2003).
20% Design, 50% Implementation, 20% Experimentation,10% Documentation
C, C++, Linux Socket Programming, AES

Supervisors: Dr. Eryk Schiller

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