Verifiability Extensions and Improvements of Blockchain-based E-Voting

State: completed by CSM

Digitization of electronic voting systems is critically discussed around the globe. Often, Electronic Voting (E-Voting) system architectures are centralized and intransparent for voters. In contrast, a blockchain-based E-Voting system can offer transparency and auditability for every voter [1]. The CSG has developed a BC-based electronic voting system [2]. The goal of this thesis is to extend the Rust blockchain implemented in [3] in order to (i) improve notion of Recorded-as-Cast (ii) implement counted-as-recorded verifiability and (iii) implement a front-end application for both the voter and the authorities. Also, this work should include a thorough evaluation of the improvements to the prior architecture.

[1] Christian Killer, Raphael Matile: Privacy, Verifiability in Blockchain-based E-Voting. Master Project Thesis, CSG@IfI, University of Zürich, Switzerland, Supervisors: Thomas Bocek, Bruno Rodrigues, Burkhard Stiller, April 2018.

[2] Provotum, [Online] http://provotum.ch, last visit June 4, 2019

[3] Raphael Matile: Cast-as-Intended Verifiability in Blockchain-based Electronic Voting for Swiss National Elections. Master Thesis. Master Project Thesis, CSG@IfI, University of Zürich, Switzerland, Supervisors: Bruno Rodrigues, Burkhard Stiller, November 2018.


10% Requirements Elicitation, 20% Design and Architecture, Implementation 50%, 10% Evaluation, 10% Documentation
Moderate to strong familiarity with cryptographic primitives, Advanced programming skills in low-level languages (C++, Rust)

Supervisors: Christian Killer

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