Design and Implementation of an Energy Efficient LoRa Network

State: completed by David Steiger

Mobile communications and especially Internet of Things (IoT) –based communications have been of high interest in the last years. One of the interesting use cases of IoT is where IoT meets Blockchains (BCs). In this thesis, we are going to analyze an IoT network regarding energy efficiency and we will try to enhance the energy efficiency of the network. As a specific type of IoT protocols, this thesis/project will focus on LoRa devices. We will expand our experience with employing Software Defined Radios  (SDR) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN will enable monitoring the network and reacting accordingly in order to enhance the overall performance of the network. Students in this thesis will have access to an SDR board and LoRa devices including nodes and gateway hardwares, which enables them to explore the results of their experiments in simulators also in the real world scenarios.

Requirements Analysis 20-30%, System Design 30-40%, Implementation 30-60%, Documentation 10%
C++ or Java

Supervisors: Dr. Eryk Schiller

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