Design and Prototypical Development of a GDPR and Swiss Law Compliant Blockchain

State: completed by Julius Willems

User data protection and privacy have been two of the main controversial issues in recent years which also leaked to the Blockchain (BC) world. Since the nature of BCs or to be more accurate, the nature of previously developed BCs such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, was to store the data forever, then the contradiction raises between these fantastic technologies and the regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  In this thesis/assignment, the GDPR and Swiss law regulations will be studied and based on the collected requirements as an output of the study, in the next step the selection of requirements will be taken under detailed analysis to lead in a GDPR, or Swiss Law Compliant BC design. In the third step, the designed BC will be developed and finally evaluated by running real-world tests. 

CSG has already developed a BC called Bazo, which will be the starting point in the development phase of this thesis. 

The tasks of this topic will be adapted based on the type of assignment or thesis taken by the interested students.

Requirements Analysis 20-30%, System Design 30-40%, Implementation 30-60%, Documentation 10%
Learning Go programming language

Supervisors: Sina Rafati

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