Design and Implementation of an Auditing Mechanism for Mobile Grids

State: completed by Manuel Ziltener

The key aim of this work is to design and prototypically implement an auditing mechanism to be integrated in the A4C infrastructure of a mobile grid. It should be compliant with the Generic AAA Architecture defined in RFC 2903 and DIAMETER protocol specifications. A mobile grid environment, by its heterogeneous nature brings new challenges in designing an A4C infrastructure. Besides the traditional parameters defining a network service usage (bytes, packets, time), a grid service might require an A4C infrastructure to account for CPU usage, memory consumption, or even the type of accessed information. Such an accounting done for a grid service needs to be supported by an auditing mechanism to make sure the accounted parameters are in the range of values agreed upon. The auditing mechanism shall be designed as a module which provides a generic interface and can be integrated into different monitoring entities, that adapt to the type of resource being audited. The proposed solution should enable the integration of usage violation reporting into the charge calculation for a service.

Final Report

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

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