Secure and automated data collection with LoRa - A blockchain integrated Project

State: completed by kürsat Aydinli (MA), Fabio Maddaloni (BA), Timo Su

We have already implemented a Pollution monitoring system which employs loRa boards to collect data from various sensors and inject them to the Ethereum Blockchain (BC) automatically. In this Thesis/Project, we plan to (1) use other blockchains to examine their potential for such a public use case(2) Secure the hardware components to detect any malicious behaviors by embedding Hardware Security Modules (HSM), (3) Simulate the system with OMNET simulator (4) Implement a prototype of the system.

Tasks per student will be adjusted regarding the Thesis/ Project Type.


For reading about LoRa you can refer to here

For reading about the previously worked pollution monitoring system you can visit here.


25% Research, 25% Design, 30% Implementation, 20% Documentation
Interests to simulation and to have real life practical experiences with IoT and blockchains

Supervisors: Sina Rafati

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