Design and Implementation of a Know Your Costumer (KYC) Platform for Blockchains-Integrated Application

State: completed by Sebastian Alleman

Blockchains such as Ethereum have been used to create decentralized infrastructures with which users can send and receive transactions without the need for a Trusted Third Party (TTP). When the applications built on top of blockchains step a bit further beyond the limits of financial transactions, users of such apps have to provide their identity to this system. The current state of identifying users in decentralized apps basically depends on organizations who provide Know Your Customer (KYC) service. This situation requires users to trust to those organizations, and their privacy is mainly in the hands of those private or public organizations. 

In this Thesis/Project, the goal is to design and implement a system to provide the KYC service for blockchain users. This system needs to be designed in a highly secure fashion where users data security and privacy is preserved perfectly. 

20% Design, 70% Implementation, 10% Documentation
Java, Java Script, Android

Supervisors: Sina Rafati

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