Evaluation of an Accounting Model for Grid Infrastructures

State: completed by Christophe Suter

Accounting in multi-domain environments determines an important research focus as it constitutes the key mechanism for commercial electronic services to be offered and charged to customers. Consequently, a resource-driven and activity-based accounting model for dynamic virtual organizations - as implemented by grid systems - was developed at the Communication Systems Group. There are many accounting approaches for grid systems available, but those systems lack a sound economic basis while being highly specific so that they are not generically applicable. The developed model has proven to be a highly promising approach which is also acknowledged by the research community: The model will be presented by means of a well-received full paper (cf. already published IFI technical report 2006.12) at CCGrid 2007 conference in May 2007.

As the model, so far, was evaluated from a conceptual point of view only, the next logical step is found in conducting a full-fledged analysis. This is achieved by applying the model to a real-world grid infrastructure operated and run by one of our project partners. Accordingly, in a first step, this thesis takes the model for granted and applies it to a commercial grid. Secondly, a comprehensive series of calculations and evaluations on the specific grid infrastructure takes place, what then leads in the third step towards proposed adaptations of the model.

Accordingly, this thesis requires a student with

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Final Report

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

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