Value-Network-Analysis for IoT Platforms

State: completed by Yves Steiner

A value network indicates how a value is exchanged between involved business actors. First, the main roles (responisbilities) taken up in the market are indicated. These roles are then mapped to actors (market players) that really take up the indicated responsibility (by grouping one of more roles in a single actor). Furthermore, value streams between roles or actors are identified. These streams can take different forms like monetory or non-monetary, tangible or intangible assets.

The value-network-analysis performed in this thesis is for a special IoT platform called symbIoTe. As input available are a list of identified stakeholders, partitial data flows, identified tussles and incentives, as well as  a complete CANVAS analysis based on use-case descriptions. In this thesis the method of value-network-analysis needs to be described in detail and applied to the different use-cases available in order to perform a global value-network-analysis for the intended IoT platform in symbIoTe. Due to the fact that the identified stakeholders are coming from different countries legal implications might be included in the analysis.

This thesis has a very strong theoretic background and requires economic and analytic knowledgement. 

20% Design, 50% Analysis, 30% Documentation
Economic and analystic Background, less programming skills

Supervisors: Dr. Corinna Schmitt

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