Classification and Analysis of Security Protocols and Algorithms for Constrained Networks

State: completed by Niko van Wyk


Due to the growth of the Internet and the device diversity together with their communication capability the Internet of Things (IoT) is considered today a hot topic. It also includes wireless sensor devices connected in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).

The application range goes from intelligent homes, logistic, health care to environmental monitoring. All applications show in common a huge amount of sensor data collected under different operating systems,which are transmitted through the network preferring wireless connection upto the gateway. From these gateways typically LAN connections are usually in place waythrough to the data storage or analysis point. A possible reaction on data analyzed is transported backwards to the collection point or to actuators using the same communication paths in the backward direction. Depending on the application such data includes sensitive information or commands, which can cause negative consequences if theseare manipulated. Thus, the communication between entities must be secured, especially but not only when wireless communications are in place. However,the possible security mechanism applied is highly influenced by all constraints of sensors used and dedicated application requests.


The task of this Facharbeit is to analyze the newest security protocols/algorithms (published in the time frame of 2012 to 2017) in the area of constrained networks, such as WSNs.

The analysis needs to be done in different dimensions including fundamental security support, technical requirements (memory size, key length), limitations (e.g., network size, application area), and key distribution patterns. The set of relevant algorithms need to be classifiedinto 4-5 groups according to common features (e.g., fundamental support, limitation, key length). This classification can be used in future developments as a indicator for the algorithm design for secure communications in constrained networks.


Final Report

20% Design, 80% Documentation

Supervisors: Dr. Corinna Schmitt, Dr. Bruno Rodrigues

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