CoMaDa Extension Addressing Transparency Request for Data Owners

State: completed by Michael Balmer

The task of this assignment is to develop a user-friendly solution addressing the transparency request under CoMaDa. To reach this goal the following work needs to be done: FIrst, it needs to be analyzed what information is stored in the existing database using MySQL and how stored data is linked together, because for each network ten tables are stored with interrelated information. Second, it needs to be analyzed how to access this database in a secure manner and how data can be extracted and ported to CoMaDa to display it to the data owner. This will include decision taking concerning re-use/new creation of data transport solution and credential checks for data owner. Next, the access and data transfer solution will be designed and implemented combined with a user-friendly GUI integrated in the existing CoMaDa. This GUI needs to offer the data owner filtering options to request specified data (e.g., What data did user X access? Who accessed data of sensor X?). The resulting presentation of the data access should also indicate timestamps of the access. Finally, the developed solution will be evaluated concerning workflow, filtering, and performance.

The result of this assignment will be a user-friendly GUI extension for CoMaDa addressing the transparency request of data owners offering different filtering options allowing specific information requests.


Final Report

20% Design, 70% Implementation, 10% Documentation

Supervisors: Dr. Corinna Schmitt, Sina Rafati

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