Automated pollution monitoring using IoT and smart contracts

State: completed by Sanjiv Jha.

Recently Blockchain technology has been used in various security-providing solutions for IoT and other financial and non-financial areas [1]. Purpose of this project is to control and monitor the emitted gas and other parameter’s quantity or degree by employing IoT sensors and collecting the information in public Blockchain.  This procedure can be applied to any pollution measurement system for all kind of factories and vehicles, which can make air or water polluted. The overall aim of this project is developing an automated protection system to help rescue nature and fight against global warming. Automated sensing and capturing the information done by IoT sensors and captured data will be stored in Blockchain. Unique nature of Blockchains, utilise the whole system to gather unchangeable blocks of information from factories and vehicles. In next step, government studies data and as far as these data are undeniable proof of what is really emitted out of sensed environments, degree of harmfulness is measured according to the standards like CO standard. Sensing and capturing data is done completely automatically just by sensors. As a result, there wont be need to assign many peoples to go in place and capture the data one by one. Every sensor triggers a smart contract [2] and inserts the value of captured parameters in that contract. In this system, any manual involving and changes in the recorded data will be noticed and can be recognised. Every block of data in Blockchain is connected to previous and next block.

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20% Design, 70% Implementation, 10% Documentation

Supervisors: Sina Rafati

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