Protocol Design and Implementation for a Fast and Reliable Mobile Bitcoin Payment System (MBPS) with two-way NFC

State: completed by Jeton Memeti

The goal of this thesis is to improve the NFC communication and to define a generic two-way payment protocol tailored to NFC communication channels. The current MBPS solution with its Android 4.4 client sets the baseline for the performance. The current MBPS protocol performance is considerably higher than the goal to complete a transaction below 1 second. Thus, the goal of this thesis is to improve the protocol, i.e., make it more resilient when devices from different vendors are used. The goal should be a library that can reliably stream data over NFC with any kind of NFC chip (NXP, Broadcom, or external readers) with Android 4.4. An optional goal is to implement a forward error correction schemes to boost the perfor-
mance with devices that may drop packets.

20% Design, 70% Implementation, 10% Documentation
Android 4.4, NFC, Java, Nexus 7/10, Galaxy Note 3

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller, Dr. Thomas Bocek, Andri Lareida

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