Design and Development of a Mobile App to Monitor Active Wireless Sensor Networks under Authorized Access Rules

State: completed by Michael Keller



Today the Internet of Things (IoT) includes Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and other mobile devices. Depending on the application it becomes interesting to observe and manage the wireless sensor network using mobile devices (e.g., Smartphone, handhelds).Therefore, we are looking for YOU to develop such an application that allows accessing the established WSN at the department.

First of all a trusted connection must be established between mobile device and WSN by YOU. Here certificates can be used for example. The idea is to limit the access to the data to authorizied devices only. Furthermore a management system is required.

An a next step an app should be implemented that follows the functionalities of the existing solution CoMaDa that is a web-based tool. YOUR developed mobile app should offer the same features as CoMaDa supports:


 CoMaDa is a Java-based implementation and can be used as a first step. Depending on the used mobile device it will be decided in with language the mobile app is implemented. The structure should be modular in order to be easily expandable. Furthermore, a tutorial should be formulated for upcoming developments in order to see what to do if changes are needed.





André Freitag, Corinna Schmitt, Georg Carle: CoMaDa: An Adaptive Framework with Graphical Support for Configuration; 9th International Conference on Network and Service Management, Zürich, Switzerland, October 2013, ISBN 978-3-901882-53-1, pp. 211–218.



Final Report

20% Design, 60% Implementation, 20 % Documentation
Advanced programming skills and mobile development

Supervisors: Dr. Thomas Bocek, Christos Tsiaras, Dr. Corinna Schmitt

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