Conceptual Design and Development of a Management Platform for Biometric Data using GWT

State: completed by Florian Hegner

BioXes is a biometric management application, which manages biometric data, e.g., fingerprints or retina scans in a centralized and replicable manner. The biometric data is stored in a database and according to a distribution plan, the data is transferred to corresponding biometric devices, at which those data are required to run a decision on an access request. Biometric devices can have different capabilities: From a standalone self-contained device to a USB device with just scanning capabilities. BioXes is able to manage all these different capabilities.

BioXes is implemented in Java and runs as a Swing desktop application. This makes mulitple access to this application difficult. Thus, this thesis shall design and implement a web-based GWT front end for BioXes. GWT allows to write Java code and generates JavaScript for an AJAX front-end. The GWT-enabled BioXes shall provide the same functionality as the standalone BioXes but in a fully distributed manner.

20% Design, 60% Implementation, 20% Description
Java, GWT

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller, Dr. Thomas Bocek

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