Distributed Auction System

State: completed by Simon Ruesch

Automatic networks management offer a promising resource allocation and service management, especially in a mobile environment where multiple operators are offering the same type of services using a commonly accessible media. When services such as call termination are requested dynamically, the decision in respect to which mobile operator will provide the service can be taken through an auction process between the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). This thesis goal is to implement a distributed auction system that serves this purpose. The student after the completeness of this thesis will gain experience in online auction mechanisms and distributed systems. Furthermore, the student will have the chance to work on novel ideas and improve his development skills.

Final Report

20% Design, 70% Implementation, 10% Documentation
Advanced programming skills in Java

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller, Patrick Poullie, Christos Tsiaras

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